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Pasta Quistini Inc. was started from a homemade recipe created by Elena Quistini for her diabetic mother. The recipe was more nutritious then regular commercial brands and it tasted great. Family and friends urged Elena and her husband Orlando, to share their recipe with the public and finally in 1981 the Quistini’s opened up “European Noodles Inc.”, in Scarborough, Ontario.

News of the Quistini’s delicious pastas grew quickly after one weekend when they gave a free package of pasta to everyone who walked into their little shop. Before long the Quistini’s moved into a larger location and started producing pasta for retail chain stores and restaurants..

Although Fresh Pasta was still in it’s infancy in Canada during the early 1980’s, the Quistini’s started experimenting with Flavored Pastas such as: Smoked Salmon; Black Squid Ink; and Herb & Garlic, to name a few. Also to bring more excitement and color to their Fresh Pasta offerings, the Quistini’s introduced Tri-Colored pastas in Green, Red and White dough to represent the colors of the Italian Flag. Today, the Quistini’s creations of Flavored and Tri-Colored pastas have been adopted by Fresh and Dry Pasta Companies around the world!
In 1986 in recognition for her innovative and trend setting ideas, Elena Quistini was crowned “Canada’s Pasta Queen” by the Toronto Media.
European Noodles moved to Wood bridge, Ontario in 1993 and introduced the ‘Pasta Quistini’ Brand to the marketplace to signify the Italian heritage of the family owned company.
Proudly, Pasta Quistini still produces the Highest Quality Gourmet Fresh Pastas and Sauces from Elena’s original recipes. Although the recipes have remained the same, the technology in the production and packaging has continuously advanced in order to offer customers the best products at the fairest prices.

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