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Why are Pasta Quistini’s Gourmet products better than other brands?

Some of the other brands on the market may contain additives, preservatives and even MSG to enhance their taste, their appearance and their shelf life. In order to cut cost, inferior ingredients such as egg powder, low grades of semolina, food coloring and low quality meats and cheeses may be used. ”Not Pasta Quistini!”

We use only the finest ingredients money can buy,

100% top grade Canadian Durum Wheat Semolina combined with Whole Eggs, Water and touch of Untreated Salt. Our Colored pastas are made from Spinach, Tomato and Squid Ink NOT food coloring  Our Cheese filled products are made with Creamy High Quality Ricotta, Flavorful Rich Mozzarella and Imported Romano and Parmesan Cheese. Our Meat filled products are exclusively made with Extra Lean Meats from Haccp Certified Government Supervised Plants.

All these fine natural ingredients are then taken and processed in the old country style method of gently kneading and rolling the dough several times before cutting the pasta sheets into the various noodle widths.

The result?

Pastas that are never mushy or sticky and that cook up tender and delicious every time!